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Дискусията за необходимостта да се емитира нов държавен дълг за близо 16 млрд. лева прерасна в…


Искате да започнете свой бизнес, но нямате капитал? Шансовете да намерите финансиране при добри условия не…

Димитър Радев

Комплексната оценка на банките – прегледът на активите им и стрес тестовете, приключи в разгара на…


Днес парламентът трябваше да одобри средносрочната програма за емисия на нов външен дълг до 8 млрд….


Подписан е меморандум между НЕК и всяка една от американските централи – ТЕЦ AES Марица Изток…

Кабинетът представя пенсионната реформа

В края на март, след тримесечно обществено обсъждане, правителството предложи план за пенсионни промени през следващите…

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I’m a freelance fashion designer who specialises in print designs and combining fabrics. My designs have been sold all over Europe and the USA and I have worked with some of the biggest designers in the industry.


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  • On my way to Falster, I found the amazing burial mound of Barhøj. It holds the remains of a burial chamber and is situated on the west of Store Damme on the Island of Møn. @govisitdenmark #denmark  #visitdenmarkstories #visitdenmark
  • I found this little shed on my way to Lolland. I just had to capture it. ✨ #visitdenmarkstories #visitdenmark#visitlollandfalster
  • That perfect evening at Stege Harbour. 😍🇩🇰 @govisitdenmark #visitdenmarkstories #visitdenmark #sydkystdanmark
  • I 💛 the yellow rapeseed fields in Denmark. Spring is everywhere.👌🏻🌼 @visit.lolland.falster #visitlollandfalster #denmark #visitdenmarkstories #visitdenmark
  • What a perfect end to this trip. Today, I have visited Stevns Klint and the lighthouse. The cliffs are part of the UNESCO World Heritage and were formed 65 million years ago, when the sea covered Denmark. 🇩🇰 🌊

Now it’s time to go home again, with so many great memories! Thank you for showing me all of your beautiful places @govisitdenmark, @sydkystdanmark and @visit.lolland.falster, it has been amazing! #visitdenmarkstories #visitdenmark #sydkystdanmark
  • I have been exploring the beautiful region of Falster and found so many gems along the way, such as this little church called Falkerslev Church, one of Falster’s red-painted churches with white covers.✨👌🏻 @visit.lolland.falster #visitlollandfalster #visitdenmarkstories #visitdenmark
  • The jetty at Hestehoved Beach. It is the second longest jetty in Denmark and situated close to the market town of Nakskov. What a stunning place this is. Thank you @threinott, for showing me this amazing spot! @visit.lolland.falster #visitlollandfalster #visitdenmark #visitdenmarkstories
  • Goodmorning! I can’t help but looking at the trees here...🌳 @govisitdenmark #visitdenmark #visitdenmarkstories
  • Today, I have been guided around by @threinott in the beautiful region of Lolland. She showed me some amazing spots, such as this nice jetty at Lindelse. @visit.lolland.falster
#visitlollandfalster #visitdenmark #visitdenmarkstories
  • At the end of the day yesterday, the water turned so calm. It certainly adds to the stunning quiet sceneries you find here. ✨ #visitdenmarkstories #visitdenmark
  • The landscape here... lonely trees everywhere, I love it. 😍  #visitdenmarkstories #visitdenmark
  • Today I have visited Møns Klint, situated on the eastern coast of the Island Møn. They are the highest cliffs in the country and a fantastic place to get out walking. 👌🏻🚶🏼‍♀️ Make sure to also check out my stories and on @govisitdenmark, if you would like to follow my adventures. 🇩🇰👆🏻 #visitdenmarkstories #visitdenmark